Hi-tech Psytrance music label based in Portugal, formed in 2017 by Psyempire team with support of the Portuguese artists Amras, Inner Coma, K-Freq, Metaform and Shouton. Our goal is to take the Portuguese movement to a new path and spread the vibes all over the world.

V.A. Extreme Dimensions II

Quantz Records is proud to announce ‘Extreme Dimensions II’, the newest compilation by Quantz with eight tracks full of energy and psychedelia by Amras, Liquid E.T, K-Freq, Akés, MinDelve, Ugly Ducky, Nyotech and a remix of OxiDaksi. We hope you enjoy!


Track List:
01. Amras – Puxabraza (172bpm)
02. Liquid E.T. – Never Sleep Again (172bpm)
03. K-Freq – Exploration of Outer Space (175bpm)
04. OxiDaksi – Modular Dream (Akés Remix) (172bpm)
05. MinDelve vs Akés – ChemLab (188bpm)
06. MinDelve – Transmutation (180bpm)
07. Ugly Ducky – Level 101 (186bpm)
08. Nyotech – Learning to Fly (180bpm)

Download / Listen

Akés – Beyond Borders (Album) – Out in December

Quantz Records proudly presents Beyond Borders, the debut album of Akés, fully inspired by a combination of psychedelic and powerful sounds with hi-tech and futuristic sound design. From a slower pace to a fast dancing, Akés has selected nine tracks with collaborations of Cosmo, Mimic Vat, Mad Scientist, Metaform, Amras, Necropsycho, Calabi Yau and Marambá. Enjoy!


Track List:
01. Akés – True Space [170 Bpm]
02. Akés – Clockwise [176 Bpm]
03. Akés – Making Juice [174 Bpm]
04. Akés – Time Rescue (Remastered) [176 Bpm]
05. Akés vs Cosmo, Mimic Vat, Mad Scientist – Gangsta Mobile [190 Bpm]
06. Akés – Pace by Instinct [200 Bpm]
07. Akés – Corewolf [200 Bpm]
08. Akés vs Metaform, Amras – Space Bicycle [200 Bpm]
09. Akés vs Necropsycho, Calabi Yau, Marambá – The Meaning [200 Bpm]

Download / Listen

V.A. Extreme Dimensions

Quantz Records is proud to announce the very first compilation full of hi-tech sounds, psychedelia and energy. Extreme Dimensions brings you futuristic sound design combined with power rhythms, great for dancing and party hard. Eight tracks were selected from the Portuguese artists Akés, Amras, K-Freq, Metaform, Shouton and Inner Coma in collaboration with Virtuanoise, Selective Mood and Saitam, to give you what we believe: An exciting compilation. We hope you enjoy!


Track List:
01. K-Freq – Tenth Dimension
02. Amras – Future Inception 
03. Metaform – Rock Stone 
04. Amras – Lost In Time
05. Akés vs Amras and Selective Mood – Unethical
06. Akés vs Virtuanoise – What’s Up 
07. Shouton vs Saitam – Sugar Bites
08. Inner Coma – We Are Gods

Download / Listen

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